Friday, October 3, 2008

Close To Home - Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge

Along the bay in the shadow of the Dumbarton Bridge lays a Bay Area Gem: Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge. The territory for this park encompasses much of the wetlands of the South-East Bay, but the headquarters is in little ol' Newark.

This park is teeming with birds of all sorts from waterfowl to raptors. Over 280 species can be spied at different times of the year. On a brisk Saturday morning, I packed up my new camera and headed out to play with my new zoom lens.
(Hundreds of birds reflecting in the bay waters)

The route I chose for this hike was a short 1.6 mile loop along the Tidelands Trail and then back through the Harrier Spur Trail. It just so happens that one of my first sites at the park was hundreds of birds gliding along the calm waters of the bay. There are trails that go out into the bay along the salt ponds, but many sections are currently under construction and closed. One of the main trails at the park is the Newark Slough, however the preferred method of travel for that route is a kayak!

The Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge is a great place for hiking and wildlife viewing. It is less crowded than its neighbor, Coyote Hills. Plus, parking is free!

You can get more information on this hike at BACKPACKER Magazine.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the information, I'm new to birding and am looking for great places where I can site large gatherings of them.

Dave Miller said...

This is a great time of year for it. Good luck and enjoy!!

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